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Message from the Co-founder, Trey Hannam:

As a young player, I remember struggling to tell the difference between good and bad baseball advice. Every coach I had seemed to have a different view on the game & my teammates all seemed to be doing something different than me. As I got older, what worked at one level didn't work at the next.

As a result...I constantly jumped from plan to plan hoping the next one would be the one that saved my career.

I remember thinking to myself…

“If I had a way to access top quality baseball information, I could stop wasting time and start getting better…everyday.”

That’s why we created Baseball IQ.

Every single resource found in this app is created and vetted by our staff of professional players and coaches.

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Baseball IQ

Access simple, easy to apply solutions to your baseball problems from anywhere in the world.


What is Baseball IQ?

1. Trusted Content

120+ hours of baseball knowledge. Including...

✅ Trey Hannam's Hitting Development Process

✅ Pro-Level Pitching Drills

✅ Strength & Speed Training Programs

✅ Baseball IQ Quizzes

✅ Mentality Training Lessons

and much more...

2. Interviews w/ Top MLB Players

Learn how the best train, think & develop their skills. Names include: 

Bobby Witt Jr. + Jackson Holliday + Max Clark & MORE...


3. Practice PDFs

PDFs to help you run a more efficient & productive practice with titles like: 

  • 6 Team Competitions for Practice
  • 5 Execution Based Bullpen Scripts
  • How to Get Players out of Slumps
  • A Guide to Throwing More Strikes 
  • Bunt Coverages & Pickoff Plays

Players, Parents, & Coaches Love Baseball IQ

"The app works very well. I love how it is organized and the constant updates I get through notification center are very nice and keep me updated on whats going on."

Waylon Vazquez, College RF

"Baseball IQ has helped me get more out of my practice time than I ever thought possible. The drills and techniques I've learned have made a huge difference in my game, & the Coaching Chat has given me the guidance & confidence I need.

John D, HS Infielder

"I sent in a video of my son pitching and received a reply same day within a couple hours, and I was blown away by that type of customer service. You don’t see that anymore these days. My son looked at some of the content, and he loved it right away. The interview with Max Clark caught his eye immediately, and he really loved that."

Brandon Bowles, Baseball Parent

"What Trey & the team have made is truly special. Ballplayers of all ages now have access to the same routines and drills work that I use with my guys everyday. Every player, coach, & parent should have Baseball IQ downloaded on their phone."

Monte Lee, South Carolina Head Coach

"My son & I were wanting to find a pitching program without finding a pitching coach. We got a great one, plus strength programming. Proven & fun. Thank you guys!"

Parent of U13 Player

"I have always struggled with in-game nerves. But Baseball IQ has given me the resources to become more mentally tough on them mound. Getting to talk to a pro anytime I need help has been a huge help!"

Trent W, HS Pitcher

"I've been using Baseball IQ for a few months now and I've already seen a huge improvement in my game. The content library is amazing and the live Q&As are a game-changer. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to take their skills to the next level!"

Mike S, College Shortstop

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Meet Our Founders

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