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Message from the Co-founder, Trey Hannam:

As a young player, I remember struggling to tell the difference between good and bad baseball advice. Every coach I had seemed to have a different view on the game & my teammates all seemed to be doing something different than me. As I got older, what worked at one level didn't work at the next.

As a result, I constantly jumped from plan to plan hoping the next one would be the one that saved my career.

I remember thinking to myself:

‚ÄúHow can I access the top baseball training info so¬†I¬†can stop wasting time and start getting better?‚ÄĚ

That’s why we created Baseball IQ.

Every single resource found in this app is created and vetted by our staff of professional players and coaches.

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Sample Content

Learn How to Think & Train Like a Big Leaguer from the Best Coaches in Baseball

Q+A w/ Max Clark: Daily Routine & Development 


Hitting Lesson from Trey: Staying Inside the Ball


Infielding Drills w/ Coach Hymes: Reaction Ball Drill 


What is Baseball IQ?

1. Trusted Baseball Courses

120+ hours of position specific content Including...

‚úÖ Full Hitting Development Suite

✅ Pro-Level Pitching Courses & Drills

✅ Strength & Speed Training Programs

✅ Defense & Baserunning Courses

✅ Catching IQ, Courses & Drills

‚úÖ Recruiting Courses & Advice

✅ Baseball IQ Quizzes

✅ Mentality Training Lessons

and much more...

2. Exclusive Interviews w/ Top MLB Players

Learn how the best train, think & develop their skills. Names include: 

Bobby Witt Jr. + Jackson Holliday + Max Clark & MORE...


3. Coaching IQ

PDFs & 25+ Video Courses to help you run a more efficient & productive practice with titles like: 

  • 6 Team Competitions for¬†Practice
  • 5 Execution Based Bullpen Scripts
  • How to Get Players out of Slumps
  • A Guide to Throwing More Strikes¬†
  • Bunt Coverages, Defenses & Pickoff¬†Plays
  • How to Develop More Confident Players¬†
  • How to Develop Team Culture & Identity¬†
  • How to Talk to Your Players & Their Parents

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Meet Our Content Team

Trey Hannam

Director of Hitting 

Pro Hitting Coach 

Charlie Barnes

Director of Pitching

MLB & KBO Pitcher

Ricky Meinhold

Director of Quality Control

Pitching Director, TOR Blue Jays

Mike Hymes

Director of Infielding

Professional Infielding Coach

Quentin Holmes

Director of Speed &  Strength

Former Pro Outfielder

Mike Castellani

Director of Mental Skills

Former Pro Pitcher

Mike Gulino

Director of Catching

Current Pro Catcher

Parker Bangs

Associate Pitching Coach

Rice University Pitching Coach

Logan Watkins

Associate Hitting Coach

Former MLB Player

Chandler Redmond

Associate Hitting Coach

23' MiLB Homerun Leader

Andre Mercurio

Outfielding Coach

Former Pro Outfielder

Nick Rotola

CEO & Founder

Former Pro Outfielder