Who Are You As a Pitcher?

May 11, 2023


Below you will find a list of self assessment and evaluation questions that are designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a pitcher.  This will allow you to build a better bullpen routines and lead towards growth in pitch design, command and mechanical efficiency. Keep this as a future reference and let it guide you through your pitching development. 

What type of pitcher do you visualize yourself as?

  • Power: The aggression of my fastball dictates and controls the At-Bat. Stuff over Command.
  • Command: I control all quadrants to force the hitters to cover all parts of the zone.
  • Movement: I rely on the movement of my pitches to force weak contact and get outs
  • Offspeed: I change speeds and throw any pitch in any count to keep hitters off balance.


Check the box that most represents your style:

There are three ways in which we can use our pitches when attacking a batter:  North/South,  East/West and Back/Forth.  Using 1, 2, and 3; 1 being dominant attack and 3 as the least form of attack, fill in the space given that fits your personal style. 
_____ North/South:  I use the Top and Bottom of the zone to set pitches up and expand.
_____ East/West:  I move the ball inside and outside for effect to collect my outs.
_____ Back/Forth:  I focus on changing speeds to keep the batter off balance.


Choose the three parts of the zone that you have most control of with your Fastball: 

____Gloveside Down     ____Gloveside Middle    ____Gloveside Top
____Middle Down           ____Middle Middle         ____Middle Top
____Armside Down      ____Armside  Middle       ____Armside Top

Choose the most appropriate answer to each question.

What is the primary way in which you collect your outs?
  • Strikeout 
  • Fly-ball
  • Groundball
What is the secondary way in which you collect your outs?
  • Strikeout
  • Fly-ball
  • Groundball

Use these questions to help you simplify your identity.  This can help give you confidence in plans of attack during competition and in your daily work.  Just observe what the answers are and update them each season.  

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