Maybin - Leads from 2nd

May 15, 2024

0 outs : Take your lead directly in the baseline

1 out : 2 steps back, looking to creep in & time the pitcher

2 outs : Take your lead 3-4 step back from the baseline   

w/ 0 Outs:

  • Your goal is to get to 3rd w/ less than 2 outs.

• Make your distance to 3rd base as short as possible so you can advance on a groundball hit to the right side of the field - or behind you.

• Getting to 3rd is the priority so that the next guy can get you in w/ a sac fly or a well-placed groundball.


w/ 1 Out: 

• Give yourself 2-3 steps back from the baseline to A. give you a better angle to score on a base hit, and B. give you a more active position to steal 3rd from.

• By starting back, you can creep in & keep your feet moving w/out increasing your lead too much.

 • Active feet (walking lead) = better chance to steal 3rd.


w/ 2 Outs: 

• 3-4 steps off the baseline to give you the best angle to score from on a base hit.

• Rarely will we steal 3rd w/ 2 outs, so our only goal is to score on a hard-hit ball.

• Think: depth of lead + attack the inside corner of 3rd base.

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