Aug 16, 2023


Baseball's Unspoken Problem


Ask yourself this question: What is the biggest part of my game that’s holding me back? 

Let's face it, most of us possess the talent and work ethic required to excel in baseball. Yet, time and again, we find ourselves held back by self-doubt, wavering confidence, and mental roadblocks. Trust me, I've been there. The biggest hurdle in my athletic journey was never my skill level but my MENTALITY.

Baseball is filled with highs and lows that constantly test our resolve. But here's the catch – we seldom take concrete steps to address these obstacles. Why? Because we lack the guidance & mentorship that understands both the game and the mental challenges we face each day.


The Support System for the Modern Player


Parents mean well, but their advice lacks the specialized knowledge of the game. Coaches have the expertise, but confessing our mental struggles to them often feels like risking our place in the lineup.

Enter Baseball IQ+, a revolutionary program designed to put mental training at the forefront of your player development journey. We recognize the need for a game-changer, someone who not just comprehends the game at a high level, but someone who has actually walked the path we're on.


The Mentor We Never Had


By joining our program, you will automatically be paired up with a Minor League Ball Player - who will be your personal mentor for as long as you need him. 

  • Had a bad day at the plate?  Shoot him a text for instant feedback. 
  • Issues w/ your coach?  Get honest advice on how to handle the situation.
  • Nervous about a game or showcase?  Receive anytime encouragement & motivation. 

We don’t need another coach telling us what we are doing wrong. We need a mentor that we can vent to, relate with, and learn from through experience. This is the resource all the current pros wish they had had growing up.


Dear Parents:


You're already putting significant money into equipment and team fees. It's time to recognize that mental strength is just as crucial to your player's success. 

Baseball IQ+ ensures that your investment in your player's future extends to their mental development as well.

If you are at all interested in learning more about our mentorship program please fill out this 2 minute form and we will reach out with full details and pricing. 


Thank you all for continuing to trust us with your player development goals. There is no magic pill to any of this, only hard work and empathy. We are all just trying to make the baseball world a better place for the next generation!