Bo Bichette's 2 Strike Approach

Jun 13, 2024

Take a look at the clip above and ask yourself "what stands out the most?"

Very clearly there are a few mechanical adjustments Bo Bichette makes when he gets into a two strike situation, including: 

  • Wider stance 
  • No leg lift - simply turns on his front toe
  • More core engagement
    • He generates more rotational energy with his core in 2k situations.
    • In non-2k situations his load and power come more from his front leg stacking his back leg. 
  • Shorter/compact bat path 

Additionally, them mental state of the hitter needs to change with two strikes. A hitter must go from hunting mistakes or a specific pitch, to refusing to be beat & battling. 

The mindset should be something along the lines of "Ok, let's go to work." vs. "I hope I don't strike out." 

Talk yourself into enjoying the battle instead of fearing the chance of getting out. 

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