Harry Higgs Mental Routine

Jun 06, 2024

Really great insight into what pro golfers go through mentally on every rep in order to produce. Harry Higgs was a former PGA Tour pro up until this year when his poor performance relegated him down to the 2nd tier - called the Korn Ferry Tour. 

This year he has gone off, winning numerous times and is well on his way back to the big time of the PGA Tour. He was asked about how this year's Harry is different from last year's and his response was gold. 

In the video above he breaks down the routine he goes through on each rep in order to maximize the results: 

1. Each shot/rep has a purpose. What are you trying to execute & how do you plan on doing it? So many times we step in the box hoping to get a hit instead of trying to execute a plan. Taking a moment to breath and focus your mind on your approach is a vital first step. 

2. Rehearsing your intent is another great habit. When you are on deck, are you taking swings that will mirror the plan you are trying to execute? For instance, a guy is throwing you all fastballs away, are you taking swings on deck with an oppo mindset? For most guys, the swings we take on deck are always the same, but adopting a more progressive and cerebral approach can do wonders for your preparation & execution. 

3. Right before you step up to the plate and onto the mound, you have to think a positive thought. Telling yourself that the result is going to be exactly what you want is very powerful tool. Your mind believes the last thought you think. "I'm going to execute my plan" vs. "I hope this is a good swing." 

4. Accepting the result before the pitch is a massive mental unlock. This isn't an acceptance of failure, this is an acceptance that no matter what happens, good or bad, it won't influence my mood or determination to win. Elite mental toughness requires the results of the past to not negatively impact the actions of the future. It's always a "next pitch" mentality. Making this pact with yourself before the pitch or AB is a great way to stay ahead of your emotions and master them. 

These steps are working for Harry Higgs in a big way. He's back to winning in one of the most demanding mental sports on earth. If it's working for him, it will work for you. 

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