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Jun 26, 2024

"If you struggle with depression maybe you're living in the past." 

"If you struggle with anxiety maybe you're living too much in the future."

What a powerful statement & one that should resonate with all of us. One of the fastest ways to improve your mental toughness as an athlete is to start being more honest to yourself about why your are experiencing emotions or negative thoughts. In our society we put such a negative stigma on words like "depression" & "anxiety" that we often refuse to admit to ourselves that we are in fact one or even both of those things. 

It's ok to be depressed when things don't go your way, and it's ok to be anxious about the future - that's life. Don't be ashamed of it, but rather, understand that the only reason you feel that way is because you care so much about being great. 

Life is about turning the page without looking at how many pages you have left. In a word, it's about being "present". Kentucky had a phenomenal year because they adopted that mentality. They rolled with the punches and viewed every day as a new opportunity for improvement. 

So whether you've been on a hot streak or a slump, it's all irrelevant today. Today you have the opportunity to maximize your development with a positive attitude. That's all you can control. Yesterday doesn't matter, tomorrow doesn't matter. Today, right now, if the most most important moment. Go make the most of it & don't look back.  

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