Outfield Communication Drill

Jun 12, 2024

Set Up: 

  • Place two cones roughly 15 - 20 feet apart. 
  • Have two players line up facing you, side-by-side
  • Designate 1 of the players as the CF - he has priority
  • Yell "GO" and make both players run around the cones then straight back
  • As they make the turn loft a ball into the air right in the middle of the two fielders and roughly 30 feet deep
  • Time the throw so that you release the ball before the players see you do it, so they have to pick up the ball in the air
  • The CF will have priority, but based on the toss the other outfielder is allowed to call the ball 
  • The player who does not catch the ball will then look back towards the coach who will be pointing at a base or holding up a number of fingers
  • Whichever base he points will be relayed to the player catching the ball by the player who didn't catch the ball
  • The player who caught the ball will then fake or make a throw to that base
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