The "Right" Decisions

Dec 15, 2023


Every day, we are faced with 3 types of decisions: 

  1. The Wrong Decisions 
  2. The Right Decisions
  3. The Easy Decisions 

The Wrong Decisions are the ones we know we shouldn't make. They are obvious, like cheating on homework, dogging conditioning, and lying about the work you’ve put in. They are the decisions you most openly regret the next day. 

The Right Decisions are also obvious. They require work and effort, but yield positive results for others and make you feel good about yourself, like showing up early to practice, picking up equipment, and going to the library to study.

The Easy Decisions are the least noticeable, but the focus of today’s discussion. The easy decisions don’t keep you up at night, but they are marked by laziness, doubt, and fear. Decisions like walking past a classmate getting picked on in the hallway, saying “good enough” on homework, and hitting “Snooze” on your alarm instead of waking up to eat a good breakfast. 

Easy decisions are shortcuts we take to make our lives more comfortable in the short term, but that, over time, dramatically impacts our long-term success. They make us complacent. 

This weekend, as you go about your training & school work, think about the decisions you are being asked to make. I guarantee you will have the option to take the easy way out, skip, cut corners, and do the bare minimum to get by, but those “easy” decisions get you nowhere. Be the guy that goes about his business the right way, CONSISTENTLY.  

“Everyone wants the glory without the work. But only those who put in the work will get the glory.”

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-Mike Castellani 

Director of Mentorship 


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