Roger Federer - Life Advice

Jun 12, 2024

"Perfection is Impossible" 

A very simple line, but super powerful. As athletes and humans we often forget that being great at anything requires constant failure. Federer, arguable one of the top 3 tennis players of all time only won 54% percent of the point he played in his career. Meaning, he "failed" 46% of the time and still is a GOAT. 

His message is that you have to have the abilty to move on from failure to be great. One bad swing, one bad pitch is still only one pitch of countless pitches you will see in your life. So don't worry about it. The most important opportunity is always the next one. 

As you go through your day and season think about all the moments that might frustrate you and pride yourself on being the guy that is unfazed and undeterred by moments of small failure. It's all part of the game - keep playing.

Acknowledge It. Move on. Refocus. Dominate.

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