The GPS Analogy

May 29, 2024
  • The only two points that matter on a GPS are the Destination and Current Location
  • Where you were & where you've been don't matter
  • All that matters is: Can you follow the path to your destination without giving up?  
  • Our GPS also doesn't care if we mess up and make a mistake - it re-calculates and finds you a new route to follow
  • The destination is the same; the journey, however, might take a little longer than you hoped 


Life won't always go the way you want it. You might get injured, you might get benched, you might hit a big slump that derails your season. Whatever life throws at you, it's important to understand where you want to go. If you want a dream bad enough, your destination will never change, but the road to that dream will.

Adversity is an opportunity not a roadblock. There's nothing you can't overcome or power through if you want it bad enough. So today, be present. Focus on the next step of your journey. Follow the path laid out before you. The only way to reach your dream is to take the next small step today in your development without ever looking back. 

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