Tom Brady - Life is Hard

Jun 13, 2024

Often we forget that sports are a parallel to life. We learn lessons along our athletic journeys that we may not appreciate in the moment, but that serve us long after we hang up our cleats. 

As Brady so eloquently puts it, one of those lessons is that Life is Hard

The constant failures we experience on the sports field hardens us and prepares us for those moments in our lives when things won't go our way. There's a beauty in that mental training that you need to remind yourself of every day you don't go 5 for 5 or throw a gem. 

It's all a test. 

So today & the rest of this week think about this speech and remember that if you want to be great you need to be willing to sacrifice comfort. You need to be willing to work when other's are asleep or on vacation. You need to be committed to consistent work, even on the days you don't feel like trying. 


Because you are learning how to not only be a championship athlete, but a championship person when your career is over. Work-ethic isn't genetic, it's learned and it stays with you for life. 

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