The Single Biggest Lesson from My Career!

Jul 18, 2023

Advice From Professional Pitcher - Mike Castellani 

Dear Baseball Players & Parents, 

It's crucial to recognize the importance of separating:

  • Who you are ON the Field


  • Who you are OFF the Field

While passion for your sport drives you to excel, a life dominated by baseball can be a lonely place. 


BASEBALL CAN NOT be your only interest or source of happiness - for you will begin to intertwine your sense of self-worth with your performance on the field. We must therefore seek to cultivate separate lives away from the diamond, where we can find balance and fulfillment in other areas. Remember, failure in your sport does not define you as a person in any way, shape, or form. 

COACHES, by encouraging & celebrating our athletes’ interests (outside of baseball) we provide them with a much needed outlet, for when adversity sets in. Having outside hobbies serve as a lifeline; they offer you solace, inspiration, and a reminder that you are more than just an athlete. 

THEY allow you to tap into your individuality and embrace the multifaceted aspects of your personality that make you unique. By nurturing your passions off the field, you'll develop a resilient mindset that can carry you through both triumphs and tribulations in your athletic career.

SO whether you are hitting .550 or .150 remember, baseball is not who you are as a person. Strive to be more than just the jersey on your back. Strive to be a well rounded, interesting person who’s achievements stretch far beyond the confines of a ballpark. Success in sport is just one part of your journey, and setbacks on the field do not define your worth.

THE faster you embrace this idea, the clearer your mind will be on the field to perform at your absolute best. Mentalities make or break careers. How are you training yours?

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