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High School & College Players

Do you ever feel: 



By coaches, scouts, and teammates?


By inconsistent performances?


With advice from people you don't trust?


 You’re not alone...


Our Mentors have lived out the dream you are pursuing. They have seen it all. The Good., the bad & everything in-between. If your ready to learn how to get out of your own way & finally play up to your potential then apply for a mentor today.


Baseball IQ+

Here’s how it works:

First, we match you with an MLB/MiLB player who aligns with your goals and personality.


Next, meet with your mentor to map out a short & long term  development strategy custom to your needs. 

Finally, gain daily access to your mentor & our staff, for anytime advice, mentality training, and development support. 


With a personal mentor by your side, there's no challenge you can't overcome & no limit to what you can achieve!


Meet Our Mentors

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Chandler Redmond

AA Homerun Leader

(4 Spots Left)

Cam Opp

West Point Grad, AA Pitcher NY Mets

(3 Spots Left)

Logan Watkins

Former 2nd Baseman CHI Cubs

(3 Spots Left)

Charlie Barnes

Former MLB Pitcher MIN Twins

(2 Spots Left)

‚ÄúIt caught my attention immediately as something extremely beneficial for all young players across the country. Growing up, I remember how bad I wanted to be a Major League Baseball Player. Having the ability to learn from someone playing at the level I wanted to get to and get their experience, knowledge, and advice would have been super helpful.‚ÄĚ

- Michael Massey, KC Royals 2nd Baseman

What Do I Get?


1. Unlimited Access to a Pro 

Our main feature. Text/call your mentor anytime you need help. A pro in your pocket who's been in your shoes. 

2. Weekly Mentality & Mechanical Lessons 

M/W/F each week our staff posts lessons to teach you how to develop a pro mentality.

3. Two Monthly Group Zoom Call 

Meet with your development team + mentor to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and share stories.

4. Two Monthly 1-on-1 Call w/ Mentor 

Once a month, meet privately with your mentor. Get the honest advice & feedback you need to take your game to the next level. 

5. Video Analysis + Skill Development 

Alongside your mentor, you also have access to all 5 BBIQ position coaches. Unlimited video analysis + Q&A. 

6. Recruiting Assistance

Parents & players can schedule a call anytime with our Director of Recruiting to plan the next stage of your career. We help take the guess work out of the Recruiting Process. 

7. Exclusive Deals on Training Gear

10-30% off discounts on top baseball gear & supplies. Vendors include: 

8. Baseball IQ Mobile App

Full access to our content library that includes over 100+ hours of drills, interviews, & training tips from top pro players. 

Everything you need to make it to the next level...


What Our Players Say:

Memo Carrasco, JUCO Baseball Player


Kash Vanhouten, High School Shortstop


Cooper Moss, University of Florida Commit